October 2019 Newsletter

Happy 51st Birthday to ACCA on October 1st…. ACCA has always been a labor of love for the children and families we serve. I would like to thank all of our families, present and former early childhood educators and school family members, donors and those who prayed and sent positive thoughts. All of you have played a huge part in our success. It truly takes a village! THANK YOU!!

Helping our children to grow and mature is a beautiful challenge. We all want our children to grow up to be helpful, self disciplined and productive citizens. The habits we create, the healthy foods we eat, the healthy movements and exercise we do daily, along with playing and laughing, are most important during the Early Childhood years (which is birth – 8). These habits become engrained in us. We create movement activities, good nutrition and lots of playfulness each and every day!

Sometimes adults/parents don’t realize it, but they stunt their child’s development by doing everything for them. It is like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. If you break the cocoon early and not allow the butterfly to struggle to emerge the butterfly will never develop to his full potential and fly. Struggles are part of the developmental process. When you allow your child to make choices and allow them to help set the rules, then see the consequences, it gives them a feeling of “I can be responsible”, “I have confidence in what I do” and “I can make good decisions”. It is awesome to watch children develop to their full potential! Take time to allow your child to pick out their own clothes, to dress themselves as far as they can, to make decisions and to have helpful responsibilities around the house. They will feel successful and believe in the decisions they make.

ire Prevention Week: Oct. 7-11, 2019
Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and make a plan for an escape route with a meeting place for your family, in case of a fire emergency. We will be talking about fire safety all week. Preschool will visit the volunteer fire station Oct.11th.

We hope to have Fire pup and a truck here for all children to see.
We participate in monthly fire drills and have an evacuation time of less than 2 minutes!!!

With cooler weather upon us please dress your children appropriately. Please remember to send an appropriate jacket/coat with your child. PLEASE MARK YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THEM!!!
We love to go outside.

Atchison County Health Department will be here Tuesday, October 15th from 3:30-5:45 pm for a flu shot clinic. Info is posted on front doors / sign in/out table. Please let us know asap if you’d like to participate. We will provide you with a form to complete.

Thank you so much for paying your account in full each and every month. We are able to offer the highest quality and educational care as possible when accounts are paid in full.

October Calendar:
1st - ACCA’s  51th Birthday
 2nd - SBCS Late Start
 3rd - Bring your Bible to School Day
 4th - AHS Homecoming Parade
     1st Friday on Mall
 9th - Trinity No School / 409 Early Release
 10th- Trinity No School
 11th - 409 / Trinity No School
     Lion’s Club Free Eye Exams 9am -- Infant - Preschool
     PS - 5th Grade Volunteer Fire Dept.
 14th - 409 No School
 15th - At. County Health - Flu Shot Clinic 3:30 - 5:45 pm @ ACCA
 16th - PS Kirby Farm (Pumpkin patch) will leave by 9 am
 17th - SBCS No School
 18th - Trinity/SBCS No School
 23rd - 409 Early Release
 26th - Halloween Parade downtown
 30th - PS sing to Project Concern / Nursing homes
 31st - Fall Parties - All classrooms will have pajama parties
     PS only Trick or Treat the Mall

Spirit Week: October 28-November 1
Monday: Sports Day
Tuesday: Green and White Day
Wednesday: Just Be You Day - “wear your favorite clothes or dress                  
       who you would like to  be when you grow up
Thursday: Pajama Day (for fall parties)
Friday: Crazy color / hippy day

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