Dear Parents,

The Atchison Child Care Center staff extends a cordial welcome to you for this year.  We are pleased that you have chosen us to care for your children.  We need and want your involvement.  Your interest and cooperations will play an important part in making our program run smoothly.  Your suggestions are welcomed.

We have converted Franklin Elementary School, 1326 Kansas Ave, into a childcare facility and a preschool.  Our new facility houses all of our programs; infants (2 weeks) through 5th grade.

Enclosed is a booklet you will need to read and keep in a convenient place for quick referral.  It contains rules and regulations governing the Atchison Child Care Center, board members and staff along with important things you will want to know.

The Center received United Way, County Funds; and The McConaughy Fund and Trinity Episcopal Church awards some scholarship funds.

We provide a variety of daily activities suitable for your child’s age, all of which are designed to encourage mental, physical and emotional growth for the children.

The Center participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program administered by the State Department of Education School Lunch Section.  By participating in this program, we make meals available to all children who are in attendance at mealtime, regardless of race, color, national origin, or ability to pay.

We enjoy having your children during the summer months too.  Our summer program is primarily recreational, with swimming 5 days a week, School Age (1st-5th) M-W-F and Preschool/Kindergarten T-Th (if weather permits), field trips, walks, parks, picnics, arts and crafts and we also go to the library and nursing homes every week.

We welcome you to ACCA.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 913-367-6441 (8-6).  We look forward to working with you and your children.

Carrie Sowers

Program Director

1326 Kansas Ave Atchison KS 66002

Phone: 913-367-6441   Fax: 913-367-2764


                                                        for your information

The Atchison Child Care Association operates a licensed comprehensive Child Care Program Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., with facilities for 179 (2 weeks to 12 years of age) children under the requirements of the Department of DCF, Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health.

The program of the Atchison Child Care Center is not seen as primarily custodial care for children but a program providing a flexible, loosely structured atmosphere fostering physical growth, emotional maturation, mental development, social skills, and for achievement of each child’s interests and abilities, with prime attention being paid to each child’s needs.  We have a major purchase of service contract with Children of Families Service (DCF) for families who need assistance with childcare.

The purpose of this project is to operate a licensed year-round program for children who need child care.

The educational program is based on principals of child development and growth.  The program’s flexibility will include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities planned to promote optimum development of children.

Equipment will be provided to encourage play in the following areas:

Imaginative Play:

Example:    Doll house corner, blocks, trucks & cars, dress-up clothes, sand & water table.

Creative Play:

Example:     Paints, crayons, scissors, paste and play dough.

Large Motor Coordination:

Example:    Climbing equipment, swings, wagon, tricycles, and slide.

Fine Motor Coordination:

Example:     Peg boards, puzzles, parquet blocks.

Intellectual Development:

Example:    Books, music, study of nature, science.

Language Development: (individual and small groups) field trips to a farm, apple orchard, fire station, zoo.

The Child Care Center schedule includes afternoon rest periods.

Transportation provided to and from local schools (K-5).